Dianor is a unique fusion of two magnificent forms of self-expression:
jewelry and cosmetics.

The innovative use of real gold in our products allows for a vibrant yet subtle luminosity that is unrivaled. 

Paris-based Dianor is an independent, family-owned company committed to both outstanding quality and to our customer's elegance.

Dianor finds its inspiration in the Roman goddess "Diana" and "Or", which is the French word for gold. Diana was a moon goddess known for looking after women and whose name is derived from an old Indo-European root that stands for "heavenly" or "divine".
The combination of these elements created this extraordinary gold infused beauty line.

Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, all Dianor products are formulated and manufactured exclusively in France using only the finest available ingredients.

Dianor is strongly against all forms of animal testing and makes sure that all Dianor products are only ever tested on humans during their development.

Logo Dianor

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